Sauvignon Bogan

by Jackie Brown Jr

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sauvignon bogan


Jackie with her busted bumper and a strange lingering smell
Gen wants her money back, i don’t think that’d gonna go down very well
We’re rearranging all day, Living in a white trailer trash hell
Don’t know where we’re gonna sleep tonight but i reckon we’ll sleep pretty well


I’m in a bind that I can’t fix, trying to find me in these hard drinks
Few more drinks and I’m laughing, it doesn’t matter anymore who I laugh with
Losing myself in this car on a highway to hell, feeling homesick, carsick
But I’m on a trip, trying to find my car, but I totally forgot where I parked it


The lady at the store says my accents cute
She thinks I’ve got a good story too, you bet I do
The thing is I’ve heard it a thousand times before
So I’ll probably just lie to you

Doesn’t anybody know me, I started off talking real low key
I feel like I don’t fit the picture mostly, I’m on no sleep, with no pokies
I don’t pour drinks but i smoke trees, got no name but that’s so sweet
and that story of my old self is not told now, it’s so boring

I don’t know what they see in me
I just wanted to be more interesting
I don’t even know what they see
Who the hell am i x 3

Martin as a nice guy he spent a lot of time looking at the night sky, pondering all the things he wished he could of done
Tony ran a record store in SLO he said, you’ve got $9 and you’re a long way from home

I’m in a bind that I can’t fix, fall sleep, waking up past 6
From the land of vegemite and the barbie, i got icicles in my armpits
Missing out now on Home and Away i don’t even know if i’m home or away
I was ready to party but i didn’t know anybody, calling my auntie when i’m munted

We think we’re pretty old
I think we’re pretty young
I think the thing that changed was the belief it could be done
Dan was a nice guy, spent a lot of time looking at the night sky pondering all the things he wish he could of done


No money on the third day, slow as shit with that work pay
I wanna pay a visit to my past, i’m gonna go back in time, no word play
I’m good, this time, got the uber guy to come by, I want Gen to make it sublime
Please take us all away from this bind

Where is the hell is my lame self, cause i’m replaced with my fake self
other friends see me as a good person and a sweet thing, like a cake shelf
I don’t even know what they see in, i don’t even know what they see in me
am i living a life, while i’m living my life or am i living a lie or am i being me

Who the hell am i


released October 27, 2016
Written by - Jackie Brown Jr and Luke Gerber
Lyrics: Rhyan Clapham and Madeleine Mallis
Mixed: Luke Gerber & Oscar Sharah
Mastered: Andrew Edgson



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Jackie Brown Jr Sydney, Australia

Sydney based outfit Jackie Brown Jr are a vibrant 5-piece known for their unique brand of music, dubbed affectionately as ‘Pulp Fiction Soul Rock’.

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